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Kats Chiropractic Consultants Trusted Partners KMC University

Nov 15, 2020

Michael Peruisch: Hi, everybody. We're happy to have one of our dear friends, Kathy Mills Chang, with us today. Kathy owns KMC University, as you all know. She is known in the profession as the Guru of Coding and compliance in Medicare. We're so excited to have a strategic partnership with KMC University. Kathy, my gosh, we've known each other for a long time. I'm not even going to say how, because it will date long both of us-- so we won't even go there.

You do some amazing things with KMC University. Of course, we always recommend that our clients join you as well, because of the high-impact level of information that you give. Why don't you just tell us a little bit about KMC and about yourself?

Kathy Mills Chang: Sure. This is my 37th year in the profession and together with my team of certified specialists, who is the largest one, really under any one roof in the profession, we have almost 300 years experience in what we do plus chiropractic, and some even still in private practice. We have some very much real-time finger on the pulse of things that are going on. We really stay in our lane and our guard rails, really, are documentation, compliance, billing, collections, patient financial matters, HIPAA, all of the things that if you found a central hub of that wheel, it would probably be Medicare. That's why Medicare so straightforward for us.

We offer our services kind of a number of different ways. We have memberships, of course, which the most common is just simply a membership to our library, which allows you unlimited access to really what is the most comprehensive collection of training materials anywhere in the profession. We're moving into a new learning management system and we've counted over 7,000 resources. It's quite comprehensive, get all that for one low price, plus a help desk, both live and in email.

Very popular, people kind of start there, and should they need more, they can do on-demand consultations whenever, or they can move into more of a one-on-one training. We have a lot of doctors, especially with documentation, who do that, who need three or four months of just really intensive work to improve documentation, or our highest membership is that of compliance. We know it's not sexy. We know it's not fun. We actually do it for the practice and that's a one-year membership where we do the lion's share of the work and get compliance installed either OIG or HIPAA.

Sadly, 95% of practices in the profession are non-compliant with HIPAA. We're starting to see some things happen that are very sad and we hate it when we can't be more proactive with that. That's who we are and we're a family very much like you are in your company, and we are really enjoying the opportunity to serve the profession this way.

Michael: You serve the profession on a platform that, like you said, it's not sexy, it's not exciting, but if you don't do it, the consequences of not doing it are astronomical. You make it so simple. Just your explanation of how to use the modifiers for Medicare, when you're going from acute care to maintenance care, just your explanations are so simple and you actually make coding, compliance, billing, all those things, you actually make it kind of fun.

Kathy: Well, that's sort of my superpower. That's what I'm sort of known for, is that I take that difficult and make it easy to understand, because I know doctors are frustrated with the rules and the regulations and the way things change. That really is what I think sets us apart in this profession, in this niche. So many of the things that you do are things that we send our clients to, because it's not that we can't do it, we have a lot of experience, but we know you do it so much better than we do. I feel like it's a wonderfully symbiotic relationship.

Michael: Well, and we feel the same way. It's just an honor to have a strategic partnership with KMC University and Kats Consultants. Thank you so much. Of course, thank you so much for being such a great friend all these years, too. We'll have to have dinner soon.

Kathy: Indeed.

Michael: Yes. Thank you very much for joining us today, and everybody KMC University for all your coding, billing, compliance, needs, those kinds of things, HIPAA. If you're not familiar with KMC University, check out their website and we highly recommend them. Kathy, thanks again.

Kathy: Thank you.

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