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Kats Chiropractic Consultants Leaving 2020 Behind

strategic planning Dec 13, 2020


Michael Perusich: Hi, everybody. Mike Perusich here with Kats Consultants. Can you believe it's already mid-December? The year of perfect vision turned out to be the year of managing at the speed of change.

While this year will certainly not soon be forgotten, let's keep in mind that a successful business is founded on the principles of 'let them never forget us'. As we leave this year, I want to leave you with a few things to think about for 2021. How will your patients remember you through this pandemic crisis? Were you their hero or their forgotten friend? What impact did your clinic have on your community? What lessons about service did you learn this year? Based on what happened in 2020, what's your vision for 2021?

Fortunately, most of our Kats Consultant members have enjoyed a record year in 2020 because they followed our advice and did the right things to keep their patients healthy and their practices alive.

If you need help sifting through the rubble of 2020, give us a call. We might be able to help you the same way we've helped so many other clinics around the country. We believe there's so much to be won in 2021 if you play the game correctly.

Here's to the lessons learned, the frontline workers, and Americans around the country. May 2020 be forever perfect vision in our rearview mirror. Cheers to a great 2021, and Happy Holidays to you. I'm Mike Perusich with Kats Consultants. Thanks for listening.


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