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Kats Chiropractic Consultants How do your patient grade you?

Dec 06, 2020


Mike Perusich: Hi, everybody. Mike Perusich here with Kat's Consultants, and I've got a video tip for you. How do your patients grade you? Do they grade you on your price? Do they grade you on your adjusting technique? The truth is today's patients aren't looking for cheap deals from doctors nor do they know how to grade your adjustment, so how do they grade you?

They grade you on the experience you create for them. Part of that experience is how you make them feel on two levels. Does their condition feel better, and do you make them feel better about themselves?

If we look at the success of companies like the Ritz Carlton, Nordstrom's, and Mercedes-Benz, their success is not driven by price, but how their service and products make their customers feel. That's why they have such great customer retention.

In practice, keep this in mind, think about how you and your team can improve every patient interaction you have, because it's the experience that keeps them coming back. It's that retention that builds your business and your reputation for the long-term. I'm Mike Perusich with Kat's Consultants. Thanks for listening.


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