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Kats Chiropractic Consultants Budget your Expenses

Nov 29, 2020


Michael Perusich: Hi, everybody. Mike Perusich here with Kats Consultants. I've got a video tip for you. As we approach the end of the year, it's always a good time to start planning your budget for next year. We think 2021 is going to be a big year for chiropractors, but you have to have that budget under control. How do you plan your budget? The best thing to do is to sit down with your P&L, and just look through it. Does anything look out of line? Compare this year to last year, and see where you can cut some expenses.

I'll give you a great example. In 2015, we noticed that our utility bill for telephone expense had been skyrocketing over the last couple of years. So we looked into some different ways to handle that expense, and we were able to cut $300 a month out of our budget. That's $3,600 a year. Yes, there's hidden cash when you review your P&L, and find ways to cut back on expenses. As you prepare for 2021, it's a great time to review those expenses and see where you can make cuts and save money.

I'm Mike Perusich with Kats Consultants. Thanks for listening.

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