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6 Laws of Practice Success

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2019

The 6 Laws of Practice Success

Dr. Michael Perusich

Kats Consultants


Building a successful Chiropractic practice does not happen by accident.  There is a very specific formula of business laws that must be incorporated into the mantra of the organization for success to happen.  Without any one of these laws, a recipe for disaster is sure to be in the mix.


  1. The Law of Staff Development

The height of your success is directly related to how well trained and developed your staff may be.  In fact, the level at which your staff is trained can make you or break you.  The Law of Staff Development is paramount to your success.

  1. The Law of Communication

As a Chiropractic Entrepreneur, you must be able to inspire and lead in the direction of positive outcomes for both your patients and your business.  The Law of Communication is at the heart of this process.  A successful business can not be built without mastering effective communication. 

  1. The Law of Brand Image

All successful companies go to great lengths to create a branded image in the marketplace.  Without a solid brand, your community doesn’t know who you are, what you do, or why they need your services.  Developing a strong Law of Brand Image is absolutely necessary for building a successful practice.

  1. The Law of Upholding High Ethics

A strong sense of ethics is a leading doctrine on the road to success.  ; this increases productivity and overall employee morale. Ethics come in many forms including honesty and fairness throughout the business. Your practice will only survive when you implore the law of Upholding High Ethics to form the foundational principles of the organization. 

  1. The Law of Understanding your Economics

Success is driven by understanding your company’s economics. Analyzing your statistical measures, controlling overhead, and understanding your cost to deliver care are vital to your long-term success.  The law of understanding your business economics is vitally important for you to succeed.

  1. The Law of Refresh and Relearn

Being a Chiropractic Entrepreneur requires a multi-level and multi-sensory expiration of energy.  In other words, its hard on us!  As such, we must make time to refresh and restore our vitality.  We also have to gain exposure to new ideas to keep pace with the ever-changing healthcare marketplace.  Being a hermit and running your practice by the rule of “because we’ve always done it this way,” is surely a recipe for disaster.  Refresh and relearn is a law that can not be avoided. 

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